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the people who are in jail and be concerned for them. Don’t
forget those who are suffering, but imagine that you are there with
them. (Hebrew 13:3)


“The Lord has anointed me, To bring good news to the afflicted;  to bind up the broken hearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And freedom to prisoners’ (Isaiah 61:1)

Prison Fellowship India, DELHI

has been involved in the correction, welfare and rehabilitation of prisoners, ex-prisoners, families and children affected by crime. The work in the Delhi jails has been going around for about 3 decades now.

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Delhi Prisons has three Prison Complexes  at Tihar, Rohini and a newly opened Mandoli Jail. The Tihar Jail Prison is one of the largest prison complex in the world. The total population in the prisons is over 15000 prisoners against the sanctioned capacity of 6000.

Further jails are planned at Narela and Baprola to decongest the exisiting jails.

The following are the PFI TEAM MEMBERS who are involved in the work:

Evg. N A Rajan

Dr. T Rajan

Pr. Advin V Singh

Pr. K.M.Philip

Pr. C.M.Joy

Pr. P.Daniel

Pr. Ramesh Kumar

Pr. Joshua Gopal Krishan

Pr. C.V.Koshy

Pr. Thomas J.Thekkanel

Mrs Moniamma Joy

Mrs Shinymol Daniel


a)   First Time offenders ward- In this reception ward those who are sent to prison for the first time are lodged for six months and are kept separated from the hardcore criminals.

b)   High Security Ward- Those Prisoners who are involved in multiple heinous crimes or terrorism activities etc. are lodged here

      c)   Separate prison for women inmates,    with  crèche for children below 6 years

    d)  Separate prison for lodging adolescent male prisoners  aged 18-21 years


(Activities & Plans)

1) Moral & Spiritual Counselling provided  for individuals & in groups.

2)  Donated Educational Materials such as white boards, dictionary, grammar, alphabet books, notebooks,  pens etc.

3) Donated clothing in bulk – sweaters blankets, kurtas, pajamas, chappalas

4) Installed water cooling machine during hot summers.

5) In ladies jail, provided multiple sewing machines and toys for the little children.

6) Met individual requests for pocket calendars, soaps, combs etc.

7)Helping the prisoners released from prison to sustain themselves in the initial stage.

8) To provide monthly ration to needy prisoners families whenever possible.

9) To help the children of the life sentenced prisoners.

10) To provide education and safe living conditions to children of prisoners who cross 6 years age.

11) Satsang to bring healing to their mind & body

12) HIV-AIDS Awareness Program

13) Dental Awareness Program

14) Language Learning course

15) Personality Development Program with special emphases on Anger Management

16) Skill Training Certificate Courses to help them reintegrate into society upon their release.
































































































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